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Now Accepting Pre-Orders
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N Cabooose
HO Cabooose
February Announcement:
New Cabooses in HO and N Scales.
Now in Production. Due this autumn.
HO & N Scale Cabooses in various body styles: Indiana Harbor Belt orange; CSX "Love Shack" and additional number; New York Central; Southern; Rock Island blue "The Rock"; Detroit Terminal; Missouri Pacific transfer service; Union Railroad; Conrail.
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HO & N Scale Cabooses in various body styles: Chicago & North Western red; Rock Island blue "Injuries Hurt Everyone"; Toledo Peoria & Western green; Central Indiana Railway; Conrail (different version); Southern Pacific (2 versions); Kansas City Southern; MP-Texas & Pacific dodger service.
february_2017_group_shot_webx.jpg february_2017-2_group_shot_webx.jpg
March Announcement:
New USRA Hoppers in N Scale.
In Production Now. Delivery expected this autumn.
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N Scale 30'6" USRA 2-Bay Hoppers: Missouri Pacific; Ontario & Western ex-Westmoreland; Public Service - New Jersey; Baltimore & Ohio post war; Westmoreland Coal; Interstate Railroad; Delaware & Hudson.
Products bearing Southern Pacific, Missouri Pacific, Chicago & Eastern Illinois and Litchfield & Madison marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
N scale 2-Bay Offset Side Hoppers: Delaware & Hudson ilmenite service, Cambria & Indiana, Litchfield & Madison, Chesapeake & Ohio post-1948, Reading speed letter, Frisco black, Pittsburg & Shawmut, and Texas & Pacific.
May N Scale Announcement:
N scale 8-Panel 2-Bay Hoppers: Chessie-C&O, Erie Lackawanna, Philadephia & Reading, Birmingham Southern, Delaware Lackawanna & Western, Southern Pacific, New York Central brown/black, Reading, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Tennessee Alabama & Georgia, Nashville Chattanooga & St. Louis.
April N Scale Announcement:
New 8-Panel Hoppers in N Scale.
In Production Now. Delivery expected in the 4th Quarter.
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June 9 N Scale Announcement:
New 14-Panel Hoppers in N Scale.    Pre-Orders are due by July 28.
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N scale 14-Panel Hoppers: New York Central-2nd run, Rio Grande post-1974, Conrail-2nd run, Clincfield post-1972, Great Northern-2nd run, South East Coal Co. post-1974, Chessie-Western Maryland, Great Lakes Carbon, Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac.
New 2-Bay Offset Side Hoppers in N Scale.
In Production Now. Delivery expected early 2018.
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We have produced a special limited run of Canadian National black 306 Panel Side Hoppers in N scale. These will be available to ship in July (along with the first runs War Emergency Composite and 2-Bay Offset Side Hoppers.) They will be coming in three different road numbers, available individually while supplies last. You can order them through your hobby shop. For details, click on the photo...