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This week we are announcing the next group of runs on our brand new N scale USRA 30’6” 2-Bay Hopper. These ready-to-run cars feature: die cast slope sheet-hopper bay-center sill assembly; injection molded plastic sides, ends, and hopper doors; fully molded brake tank, valve and air lines; body mounted brake hose detail; coal load; lever-style hand brake; body mounted magnetically operating knuckle couplers; close coupling; and Fox Valley Models metal wheels.

 All road names will be available in multiple road numbers. For instance, order a single, a 2-pack and a 3-pack to get all six road numbers on a run. (Some road names will be available in just three road numbers.) MSRP is $23.95 per car.
New N Scale USRA 2-Bay Hoppers!
Shipped to Dealers in April, 2017.
Jersey Central Lines had 500 of these USRA hoppers. Obviously identified with the Garden State, CNJ also ran into Pennsylvania where the served the steel making and anthracite mining regions around Allentown, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton.
60261 Jersey Central Lines single car $23.95
60262 Jersey Central Lines 2-pack $47.90
60263 Jersey Central Lines 3-pack $71.85
Delaware Lackawanna & Western had 800 of these hoppers. Later in life, they received this paint scheme, complete with “The Road Of Anthracite” square logo. Of the four railroads to have direct routes between the New York City area and Buffalo, Lackawanna was the shortest. This was thanks to some spectacular engineering including the Tunkhannock Viaduct – still the largest reinforced concrete viaduct in the world.
60271 Delaware Lackawanna & Western single car $23.95
60272 Delaware Lackawanna & Western 2-pack $47.90
60273 Delaware Lackawanna & Western 3-pack $71.85
Detroit Toledo & Ironton owned 300 of these hoppers. Henry Ford purchased the DT&I as part of a complicated solution to realigning a shipping channel that served Ford’s River Rouge plant. The Ford era (during which these cars were delivered) included clean white overalls and a ban on facial hair for crews. He electrified the line from Carolton to River Rouge, Michigan. Ford era DT&I trains did not run on Sunday. Ford later sold the railroad to a holding company affiliated with the PRR.
60281 Detroit Toledo & Ironton single car $23.95
60282 Detroit Toledo & Ironton 2-pack $47.90
Litchfield & Madison was a 44 mile railroad linking Madison, Illinois (across the Mississippi River from St. Louis) and Litchfield. They funneled through traffic from Chicago & North Western and Illinois Central to the St. Louis area and loaded coal from large deposits along the line. L&M had 250 of these USRA design hoppers. They were merged into Chicago & North Western in 1958.
60291 Litchfield & Madison single car $23.95
60292 Litchfield & Madison 2-pack 47.90
Minneapolis & St. Louis bought 468 of these USRA hoppers on the used freight car market between 1941 and 1943. This was in response to the opening of large strip mines in northwestern Illinois and southwestern Iowa a few years before. The cars had originally belonged to Chicago By-Products Coke Company and Westmoreland Coal. Chicago & North Western bought the M&St.L in 1960 and merged into their system.
60301 Minneapolis & St. Louis single car $23.95
60302 Minneapolis & St. Louis 2-pack $47.90
Nickel Plate Road acquired this group of 450 USRA hoppers when they merged the Clover Leaf Route (the Toledo St. Louis & Western.) NKP was known for being a high speed bridge line from their western gateways of Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis to their eastern connections at Buffalo. In 1949, their coal traffic expanded massively when they leased the Wheeling & Lake Erie which served large coal deposits in southeastern Ohio.
60311 Nickel Plate Road single car $23.95
60312 Nickel Plate Road 2-pack $47.90
60313 Nickel Plate Road 3-pack $71.85
Peabody Short Line was launched in 1956 when the Peabody Coal Company purchased the St. Louis & Belleville Electric Railway, a common carrier that linked Peabody’s River King Mine in Freeburg with East St. Louis. The jaunty yellow and green paint followed soon after. While the PSL would ultimately be sold to Illinois Central, Peabody would go on to run 10 more railroads scattered from Kansas City in the west to central Kentucky before the last one was sold in 1993.
60321 Peabody Short Line single car $23.95
60322 Peabody Short Line 2-pack $47.90
60323 Peabody Short Line 3-pack $71.85
The Tennessee Central linked the city of Nashville with the Illinois Central to the northwest and with the Southern Railway to the east, breaking the stranglehold of the L&N and the NC&St.L (which was controlled by L&N) had on rail service to the city. The TC mainline was strewn with 3% grades, big bridges and tight curves. Coal made up a large portion of their originated traffic. In 1968, the TC was divided up between IC, L&N and Southern.
60331 Tennessee Central single car $23.95
60332 Tennessee Central 2-pack $47.90
The Western Railway of Alabama was a pocket size Class 1 railroad linking Selma and Montgomery, Alabama with West Point just over the Georgia border where they connected with their sister road Atlanta & West Point. The two roads together were referred to as "The West Point Route" and were closely affiliated with the Georgia Railroad. All three were controlled jointly by L&N and Atlantic Coast Line.
60341 Western Railway of Alabama single car $23.95
60342 Western Railway of Alabama 2-pack $47.90
Data Only USRA 2-Bay Hoppers. These cars are painted black and include dimensional data, builder plates and lubrication data so you can letter them for your own railroad.
60351 Data Only single car $23.95
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