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These New N Scale Converted Wood Chip Hoppers are now arriving at your dealer.
After a five year break, the Bluford Shops N scale converted wood chip hoppers are making a triumphant return. As the timber industry discovered new uses for wood chips (they had been burning them as waste,) the railroad industry hurried to develop a means to haul them economically. By adding extension boards to standard 70 ton coal hoppers, many roads were able to take on this traffic. Some railroads preferred flat side extensions made from steel or composite (steel and plywood) while others preferred rib-sided extensions.

These ready-to-run cars feature: diecast slope sheet-hopper bay-center sill assembly; injection molded plastic sides, ends, and hopper doors; fully molded brake tank, valve and air lines; slope sheet braces; separately molded vertical brake rod and lever assembly; body mounted brake hose detail; chip load; body mounted magnetically operating couplers; close coupling; friction bearing or roller bearing trucks as appropriate for each road name and Fox Valley Models metal wheels. All road names are produced in multiple road numbers. Order a single and one each of the multi-packs to get all available road numbers. (if you order 3 singles for instance, they will all have the same road number so get a single a 2-pack and so on.)
In 1964 Boston & Maine purchased a modest fleet of used hoppers, added flat steel extensions and assigned them to wood chip loading. As the New England region’s largest railroad, Boston & Maine relied heavily on traffic for the paper industry. This group of B&M cars lacked the specific routing instructions as seen on our first B&M run and could be loaded anywhere as needed.
16091 Boston & Maine 2nd version single car. $26.95
16092 Boston & Maine 2nd version 2-pack. $53.90
16093 Boston & Maine 2nd version 3-pack. $80.85
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Kansas City Southern began converting a group of 300 hoppers for wood chip service in 1967. They were outshopped in the recently adopted white paint scheme. We present them here a few years later after they had received their ACI tags and con-stencils. KCS served the densely forested Ozark Mountains on their way between Kansas City and the Gulf. This made forest products an important part of KCS’s traffic base.
16101 Kansas City Southern white single car. $26.95
16102 Kansas City Southern white 2-pack. $53.90
16103 Kansas City Southern white 3-pack. $80.85
Cotton Belt (SSW) served the pine forests of East Texas and Arkansas which provided wood chip, lumber and pulp wood loads to the railroad. While Cotton Belt’s parent Southern Pacific preferred wood chip gondolas, SSW opted for converted hoppers using plans similar to those of neighbor Kansas City Southern.
16111 Cotton Belt single car. $26.95
16112 Cotton Belt 2-pack. $53.90
16113 Cotton Belt 3-pack. $80.85
Canadian Pacific added flat extentions to a number of hoppers for wood chip service. They did not bother to change the road numbers and the exact number of converted cars in this group is the subject of some debate. This group also featured the Canadian style center bays in which the middle pair of hoppers face the brakewheel end of the car instead of the other way around. This detail is represented on this run.
16121 Canadian Pacific script single car. $26.95
16122 Canadian Pacific script 2-pack. $53.90
16123 Canadian Pacific script 3-pack. $80.85
Canadian National modified standard offset side hoppers for wood chip service in the mid-60s. Their extensions were made largely of plywood with steel reinforcing around the edges. Despite that, the cars were relativly long lived due in large part to the fact that wood chips are far less abrasive than other types of hopper loads. Like other CN cars of this period, these cars are lettered Canadian National (in English) on one side and Canadien National (in French) on the other. This run consists of six all new road numbers.
16131 Canadian National 2nd run single car. $26.95
16132 Canadian National 2nd run 2-pack. $53.90
16133 Canadian National 2nd run 3-pack. $80.85
Products bearing Missouri Pacific and Cotton Belt marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
The Georgia Railroad linked Augusta with Atlanta and Macon plus branches. The famous Georgia Pine forests provided plenty of timber industry traffic for the GA. Georgia RR was jointly owned by Louisville & Nashville and Seaboard Coast Line. This run will be available as a single and 2-pack only - no 3-pack.
17091 Georgia Railroad single car. $26.95
17092 Georgia Railroad 2-pack. $53.90
As demand for wood chips began to build in the 1960s, Illinois Central converted this group of 350 hoppers with new ribbed-side extensions and applied the then-standard “Main Line of Mid-America” paint scheme. Forest products primarily originated on the southern half of the railroad. In fact IC had more track in the heavily forested state of Mississippi than every other railroad combined!
17101 Illinois Central Main Line of Mid-America single car. $26.95
17102 Illinois Central Main Line of Mid-America 2-pack. $53.90
17103 Illinois Central Main Line of Mid-America 3-pack. $80.85
In the Summer of 1962, Milwaukee Road’s Milwaukee Shops converted a group of elderly (1928) offset side hoppers for wood chip service with the addition of ribbed extensions. MILW served paper and chip board mills in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana and Washington. For this run, we present these cars as they appeared after 1967. This run will be available as a single and 3-pack only – no 2-pack.
17111 Milwaukee Road post-1967 single car. $26.95
17113 Milwaukee Road post-1967 3-pack. $80.85
This group of CP Rail hoppers received wood chip extensions with ribbed-sides. For this project, CP pulled hoppers from various groups including those with standard and Canadian center hopper bay arrangements. Last time we did CP Rail with all standard hopper arrangements so this time we are doing six new road numbers, all with the reversed Canadian style center hopper bays. In addition, these cars have a reversed paint scheme so the multi-mark logo is always toward the brakewheel end.
17121 CP Rail reversed bay single car. $26.95
17122 CP Rail reversed bay 2-pack. $53.90
17123 CP Rail reversed bay 3-pack. $80.85
Missouri Pacific began converting standard hoppers into wood chip cars in the 1960s. MP blanketed much of the Ozark Region, a principle source of chips and pulpwood for America’s paper industry. For this run, we present these MP cars as they appeared after 1974.
17131 Missouri Pacific post-1974 single car. $26.95
17132 Missouri Pacific post-1974 2-pack. $53.90
17133 Missouri Paciifc post-1974 3-pack. $80.85
Some of the above pictures show the cars with track, scenery and even other cars for a bit of context. Obviously the cars in question don't include that stuff - but you knew that already.