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April 1, 2015
Welcome to Bluford Shops, Manufacturer of HO & N Model Railroad Equipment.
Products bearing Southern Pacific, Chicago & North Western, Missouri Pacific, Missouri Kansas Texas, Chicago Great Western and Union Pacific marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
Your Hobby Dealer can get it from Bluford Shops! 
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Cabooses in TRRA, Buffalo & Pittsburgh, B&O-SBD, IT, EJ&E, Alton & Southern, Willamette & Pacific, C&NW, Central Michigan, Finger Lakes Rwy, GM&O, P-RSL, Delaware-Lackawanna, Wisconsin & Southern, P&LE, and BN plus a 2nd run of Missouri Pacific with two new road numbers.
Just Shipped to Retailers:
These N Scale Cabooses...
bluford_93001015.jpg bluford_93001014.jpg
Click on a picture for detailed descriptions and details.
New Cabooses coming to HO & N.
Pre-Orders on this group will close on April 30.
Click on the pic for all the details...
bluford_93001012.jpg bluford_93001011.jpg
Coming to HO & N scales: CSX, Indiana Rail Road, UP/MP-MOW orange and gray, Union Pacific yellow (re-run), Texas Mexican, Southern Pacific #1 (re-run), Southern Pacific #1 - large "SP", Louisville & Nashville red, Norfolk & Western Pevler blue, Metra with heritage Milwaukee Road logo, Santa Fe, Frisco, Missouri-Kansas-Texas green, Peoria & Eastern (Penn Central), Conrail green, Indiana Harbor Belt green, Ohio Central, Chicago & Illinois Midland.
N Scale Only: Seaboard System; HO Scale Only: Chicago Short Line, South Chicago & Indiana Harbor. Click on the picture for more details.
Due to shipping delays, HO versions are now expected to arrive in April.
Shipped to Retailers in December, 2014: These HO Scale Cabooses...
Click on a picture for detailed descriptions and details.
bluford_93001009.jpg bluford_93001008.jpg bluford_93001007.jpg bluford_93001006.jpg bluford_93001005.jpg
One pack of #102 N Scale Cornfield - Autumn Harvest that has been "planted."
New Hoppers coming N Scale.
Pre-Orders are now open.
3-Bay Offset Side Hoppers in (left to right) Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific as delivered; Erie-large diamond; Norfolk Southern; Ontario Northland;.Baltimore & Ohio yellow stripe; Belt Railway of Chicago; Seaboard Coast Line; Pittsburgh & Lake Erie as delivered; Canadian Pacific as delivered; Colorado & Southern red and black.
Click on the pic for all the details...
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