Injection molded plastic Cornfields in HO & N.
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N scale cornfield set
Bluford Shops products are not intended for children under 14.
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January 12, 2016
Welcome to Bluford Shops, Manufacturer of HO & N Model Railroad Equipment.
Products bearing Missouri Pacific, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Minneapolis & St. Louis and Litchfield & Madison marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
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N scale 30'6" Panel Side 2-Bay Hoppers: New York Central; Rock Island; Missouri Pacific; Wabash; Central Vermont; Delaware & Hudson.
N scale 30'6" Panel Side 2-Bay Hoppers: (left to right) Jersey Central Lines, Detroit Toledo & Ironton, Delaware Lackawanna & Western, Tennessee Central, Peabody Short Line, Western Railway of Alabama, Minneapolis & St. Louis, Nickel Plate Road, Litchfield & Madison.
N scale 30'6" USRA 2-Bay Hoppers: Lehigh Valley, Buffalo & Susquehanna, Seaboard Air Line, Pere Marquette, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Charleston & Western Carolina, Akron Canton & Youngstown, Virginian, Northern Pacific.
N Scale USRA 2-bay hoppers Peabody
N scale 14-Panel 3-Bay Hoppers: Burlington Northern (2nd run), Chessie C&O (2nd run), CSXT ex-Chessie, CSXT ex-WofA, Canada Southern, D&H ilmenite service, Florida East Coast (2nd version), Georgia Railroad, Santa Fe billboard, Kansas & Oklahoma ex-ATSF, Penn Central ore service, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie (PC era), Seaboard Air Line (rebuilt), Western Railway of Alabama (2nd run).
July 15 Announcement, NEW TOOLING:
New N Scale 8-Panel 2-Bay hoppers.  Coming Mid-January.
N scale 8-Panel 2-Bay Hoppers: Chesapeake & Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio, Southern Railway, New Haven, Pittsburg & Shawmut, Penn-Dixie Cement PDSX, Clinchfield, Data Only.
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Bluford Shops Special Run NYNH&H
This group of 30'6" USRA 2-Bay hoppers seen here is now in production:
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Panel Side Hoppers P&LE CN C&O Frisco Big Four GTW AA
August 16 Announcement:
New N Scale 30'6" Panel Side 2-Bay hoppers. Now in Production:
N scale 30'6" Panel Side 2-Bay Hoppers: Chesapeake & Ohio, Frisco, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, Ann Arbor, Big Four - NYC, Canadian National, and Grand Trunk Western.
Rebuilt war emergency hoppers Southern Wabash ATSF B&O
September 12 Announcement, NEW TOOLING:
N scale 2-Bay Rebuilt War Emergency Hoppers: Wabash, Baltimore & Ohio, Clinchfield, Southern, Central of Georgia, Santa Fe, and Atlantic Coast Line.
N scale USRA panel side hoppers 2-bay
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Just shipped to Dealers:
Bluford Shops rebuilt war emergency 2-bay hopper
New N Scale 2-Bay Rebuilt War Emergency Hoppers. Now in Production:
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October 11
Announcement, NEW TOOLING:
N scale 2-bay war emergency composite hopper
New N Scale 2-Bay War Emergency Composite Hoppers. Now in Production.
war emergency hoppers C&O CB&Q PRR LV AA VGN GM&O L&N
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N scale 2-Bay War Emergency Composite Hoppers: Alton Railroad, Chesapeake & Ohio, Illinois Terminal, Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley, Burlington Chinese Red, Ann Arbor, Gulf Mobile & Ohio, Virginian, Louisville & Nashville.
Coming Mid-January!
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This group of 14-Panel 3-Bay hoppers seen here is now in production:
bluford_93001001.jpg november_2016_group_shot_w.jpg
November 12
Announcement, NEW TOOLING:
New N Scale 2-Bay Offset Side Hoppers.
Now in production. Due this Summer:
N scale 2-Bay Offset Side Hoppers: New York Central, Erie, South Buffalo, Bangor & Aroostook, Chicago & Easter Illinois, Gulf Mobile & Ohio, Northern Pacific, Soo Line, Baltimore & Ohio, and Lehigh & New England.
Production samples are in! Click on the picture to see them...