Past Releases - N Scale 86' Double Door Auto Parts Boxcars
86011 Conrail Quality double door single car; 86012 Conrail Quality 2-pack.
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86021 Grand Trunk Western (DTI) double door single car.
86041 Santa Fe double door single car; 86042 Santa Fe 2-pack.
86031 Norfolk Southern (SOU) single car; 86032 2-pack.
86051 Chicago & North Western double door single car; 86052 2-pack.
86061 Chesapeake & Ohio double door single car. 86062 C&O 2-pack.
86071 Denver & Rio Grande Western double door single car; 86072 2-pack.
86081 Detroit Toledo & Ironton double door single car; 86082 DT&I 2-pack.
86091 Conrail - Early, Hasty Repaint double door single car.
86101 L&N double door single car.
86111 Grand Trunk Western - CN double door single car. 86112 2-pack.
86121 Norfolk Southern -gray double door single car. 86122 2-pack.
86131 NYC -Conrail double door single car. 86132 2-pack.
86141 Cotton Belt (big SP) single car, 86142 2-pack.
86151 Southern single car, 86152 2-pack.
86161 Pennsylvania single car, 86162 2-pack.
Products bearing Chicago & North Western, Western Pacific, Cotton Belt and Rio Grande marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
86171 Penn Central ex-PRR single car.
86181 Frisco single car, 86182 2-pack.
86191 Western Pacific single car, 86192 2-pack.
86201 Chicago & North Western -Yellow single car, 86202 2-pack.
86221 Union Pacific single car, 86222 2-pack.
86241 Norfolk &Western double door single car,86242 2-pack.
86211 CP Rail (MILW) single car, 86212 2-pack.
 86231 Detroit Toledo &Ironton - Magenta double door single car, 86232 2-pack.
86251 Central of Georgia double door single car,86252 2-pack.
86311 New York Central double door single car, 86312 2-pack.
86321 Milwaukee Road - yellow double door single car, 86322 2-pack.
86261 Penn Central double door single car, 86262 2-pack.
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86271 Grand Trunk Western double door single car, 86272 2-pack.
86281 C&O Chessie System double door single car, 86282 2-pack.
86291Illinois Central Gulf double door single car, 86292 2-pack.
86301 L&N Family Lines double door single car; 86301 2-pack.
86331 Missouri - Kansas - Texas double door single car, 86332 2-pack.
86351 Burlington Route green single car; 86352 2-Pack.
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