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Pre-Orders are now open. Due for delivery in Fall, 2011.
Note the artwork shown here is preliminary and subject to improvement by our crack development team!
Canadian National (pre-1958) offset side 3-bay hoppers. CN had 4,655 hoppers of this design delivered between 1949 and
1958. All but the last batches were delivered in this scheme with the standard 9” block lettering. The cars were built by
Eastern Car Company, National Steel, and Canadian Car & Foundry. These cars will be available in 12 road numbers.
73441 Canadian National (pre-1958) single car $21.79; 73442 2-pack $43.58; 73443 3-pack $65.37; 73446 6-pack $130.74.
Santa Fe (1950s) offset side 3-bay hoppers. Santa Fe had been collecting 3-bay offset side hoppers since the 1930s and
ultimately established a fleet of several thousand cars. Cars delivered in the 1950s received this paint scheme with “ATSF ”
reporting marks (no periods and no ampersand.) Santa Fe generated coal loads in New Mexico as well as in smaller
pockets in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. They also used these hoppers for gravel, flux stone and metallic ores. These cars
will be available in 12 road numbers. 73451 Santa Fe -1950s single car $21.79; 73452 2-pack $43.58; 73453 3-pack $65.37;
73456 6-pack $130.74.
United States Army offset side 3-bay hoppers. This group of hoppers was built in 1965 by and for the Illinois Central.
What year they joined the Army is in doubt, but we can say they received this combination of lettering in 1989 or shortly
thereafter. These cars are used to haul coal in small groups from mines to Army base power stations in through coal and mixed manifest freights. These cars will be available in 3 road numbers. 73461 United States Army single car $21.79; 73462 2-pack $43.58.
Burlington (Chinese red)offset side 3-bay hoppers. Chicago Burlington & Quincy built thousands of these hoppers in
their own Havelock Shops beginning in 1949. Beginning in 1958, Burlington updated their image by shifting from boxcar
red to Chinese red on their freight car fleet. The Q had considerable coal traffic for a “Granger ” road. In addition, these cars were often found far from home rails moving coal and minerals to Southern New England, the South and Appala-
chia, in addition to “Everywhere West.” These colorful cars will be available in 6 road numbers. 73471 Burlington -Chinese
red single car $21.79; 73472 2-pack $43.58; 73473 3-pack $65.37.
Great Lakes Carbon offset side 3-bay hoppers. Great Lakes Carbon leased 70 of these cars from US Railway Equipment in
1974. GLC produced calcined petroleum coke used in making furnace anodes for aluminum mills and producing titanium
dioxide. Petroleum coke is a byproduct of oil refining and looks very much like coal. These cars will be available in 3 road
numbers. 73481 Great Lakes Carbon single car $21.79; 73482 2-pack $43.58.

In addition we are continuing to take pre-orders for undecorated versions of both of our hopper body styles. We don ’t intend to carry large quantities of these in open stock so we strongly suggest pre-ordering what you need. 14001 Undecorated 14-Panel 3 Bay Rib Side Hopper Car $19.95; 73001 Undecorated Offset Side 3 Bay Hopper Car $19.95.
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